Neutral Colocation Data Centre for SMEs.

Our neutral colocation service offers SMEs all the advantages of a big data centre but with favourable and affordable prices. Our state-of-the-art facility assures you stability and outstanding protection of your sensitive data.



Our colocation services are under commercial lease, and are billed according to the reserved kilowatt.

Provided colocation services:

  • A colocation space
    • Computer room (shared or dedicated)
    • Cage
    • Cabinet
  • On-site security (business continuity and physical security)
  • Energy and cooling
  • Specialized infrastructure and real-estate operations

Customer needs to bring their ICT equipment:

  • IT equipment
  • Network equipment
  • Telecom



Our specialized teams offer: all services related to the migration of your data and your infrastructure to your new data centre. Starting from the conception of the intervention plan straight to its completion, our migration team is there to follow up.

The Benefits of Being the “Roommate”    


Several dams allow our data centre to mitigate the risks of breakdown.

Shawinigan isn’t located in the same seismic and climatic zone as Montréal, Québec and Drummondville, therefore, our hosting centre stands out from others by its ideal location.

Several providers supply us with a -2 m/s latency thanks to our geographic situationWe have access to major data highways” in terms of international networks.

Data-Hub offers you competitive and affordable customized plans. Each of our plans can evolve to suit your needs.

With Data-Hub, you participate in redundantly intertwined sites.

All components are redundant and multiple distribution paths exist for them, but only one is used (active/passive mode of distribution). All computer equipment is dual-powered.

1.6 hours (on average) of interruption per year.

  • Allow every SME in the area to have access to an international Tier 3 data centre.
  • Access to a redundant electric power network (2 dams)
  • Telecommunication redundancy/latency
  • Access to the internet “highway” MQIX, TORIX, and IIX
  • Our proximity and partnership with DigiHub Shawinigan
  • Shawinigan’s orientation towards technological innovation
  • Easier access to qualified personnel
  • Proximity to the DigiHub national centre
  • The national centre of BlockChain

Accredited service partners have competent and engaged experts in customer support that are here for you. Our team of experts have the certification and accreditation that meet the highest standards of the industry.

The end of physical redundancy; you’ll have access to logical redundancy.

State-of-the-art facilities: meeting rooms, recovery rooms, 5 MW electrical power

All our strategies are focused on the continuity of IT services that guarantee instant succession.

Transparency of your sensitive data.

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