Why Choose
Neutral Colocation ?

A neutral colocation data centre offers you unsurpassed peace of mind.
It’s the ultimate choice for server usage without any hassle.




Unlike the cloud, neutral colocation lets you know exactly where your data are physically, who has access to it, how it’s protected and how it’s arranged.

Your IT infrastructure requires security, continuity, advanced technical skills and special monitoring. Do you have employees available day and night to restart your servers in case of failure? Is your equipment in a highly secure environment?


Do you have electromechanical redundancy to power and cool your equipment? Do you have any guarantee in terms of continuity of your IT equipment if they crash? All of these factors are not insignificant and should be considered in your business risks!

A breakdown can cause significant losses and a high level of stress for an entrepreneur. A neutral colocation data centre is in most cases a wise and reassuring choice.

An Economical


Choosing a neutral colocation data centre service allows your company to save money and significantly reduce operational risks. First of all, you save on the cost of equipment and infrastructure. The integration of servers in the premises requires a dedicated space; that is air-conditioned; and well equipped with professionals to take care of it.

Secondly, your company reduces its operational risks and saves you on the costs of unplanned downtime. Service failures can be frequent and occur at any time. These unplanned shutdowns result in a loss of revenue and unprofitable production costs.

With a neutral colocation service, like Data-Hub, you will no longer have to manage these operational risks and the losses they cause. We guarantee business continuity.



  • Protect your sensitive data in a place known and accessible by your organization.
  • Effective and efficient management of your IT infrastructure and the guarantee of continuity of your services. 
  • Get access to secure infrastructure with the same security standards as those of financial institutions. 
  • Scalable services with the ability to connect to a large ecosystem of suppliers.
  • A data centre owned by a 100% Québec company.



High-performance, resilient telecoms with a latency of -2 m/s;

Great diversity of routes and suppliers;

More than 10 carriers from
different companies;

Directly on the main loop between Montréal, Québec City, Ottawa and Toronto;

Synchronous transactions at 2 m/s with Montréal and Québec;

Telecommunications costs similar to those of Montréal and Québec City;

Point-to-point connectivity in all major Canadian, US and international cities;

Meets TIA-942, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568 and our customers requirements;

More than 25,000 kilometres of fibre optics in Québec.

Neutral Colocation  


With a Neutral Colocation data centre, you own your IT infrastructure and manage your entire ICT ecosystem. Data-Hub offers you a safe space at the cutting edge of technology to install and enjoy optimal performance. For effective IT governance, it’s important that our services have no impact on your management.

Eliminate stress (due to the maintenance and security of your IT equipment) and enter colocation mode to focus on your business operations.

Enjoy your access to a world-class Tier III data centre at an affordable price.

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